Whether you’re moving home, moving business or moving products, you can rely on Mooved Melbourne Removalists. We’re a family-owned business, passionate about moving, aiming to make your move the easiest you’ve ever had. We customise every part of our service to meet your unique needs; from custom padding and packaging to planned routes designed to avoid damage and make your move as seamless as possible. As one of Melbourne’s highest-rated removalists, we can make your move down the road or across the city simple. With flat-rate pricing and no call out fees, book your move today with the leading Melbourne removalists; make your move stress free. Talk to our team today for more information and get a competitive quote for your move.

We’re the people’s mover, helping you move the stuff you need to, no more and no less. We know every move is different, so we tailor our services to your needs. If you’ve only got a couple of big boxes to move, that’s all you’ll pay for. Likewise, if you’re moving the whole office we’ll create a moving plan that gets your things from A to B in the most efficient way possible.

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But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our customers have to Say

Mooved removalist is not just about getting your stuff from A to B, they make it is removed & delivered without a scratch. Johhny walked through our house first and assessed what needs to get out from where, to ensure there is no damage to walls & floors. Wanted to shout out a big thank you to Johnny & David for their fast & friendly service. These two blokes are the nicest guys & I’m one very happy customer. Massive thumbs up.
Serpil Fidan

Thank you to Johnny and the team at Mooved for helping my family and I with the move. The crew were fast, friendly and made the move easy and relaxed! Great service and highly recommended. Keep up the great work guys
Nick Age

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Our Values

The team at Mooved pride themselves on the following values and consistently apply them in their work:

  • Treat all customers and their belongings with the utmost respect and care as we would with our own
  • Fair, reasonable and affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of work.
  • 100% reliable – we’ll arrive on time when we say we do!

Why select us your
Melbourne Removalists?

Over 11 Years of Experience
500+ moved happy clients
5.0 rate on Google
95% of clients use us more than once.
5.0 ⭐️️️ satisfied clients over 5 years.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (include how)
80% of clients came from the recommendation 🗣
Best price in Melbourne. If you find less, we will give you a 5% discount.
Our reputation is more important than money. (customers come first?)
Constantly improving our qualifications. (regular logistic updates)
20% more affordable compared to other companies
melbourne removalists

Our Melbourne Removals Services

Moves, relocations, couriers, commercial offices, domestic estates and much more. If you need something moved from point A to B, we’ll take care of it! Ask our team today about moving and we can provide you with a service that meets your needs.

home delivery

Home Removals

A reliable, friendly and accommodating removals service that’s tailored to you and your individual moving needs. Book your move with our team and discover the way moving was meant to be.




Office Relocations

We know the ins and outs when it comes to commercial and office relocations. We move everything with minimal disruptions to your business activities, planning routes to maximise moving efficiency.


Business Logistics

Having worked with reputable manufacturers and companies of all sizes, we offer logistics solutions that will save you time and add value to your business operations.


Waste Removal

Save time, effort and money with our waste removal service. Book a simple waste removal, or talk to our team and let us coordinate your waste removal from start to finish.


Personalised Removalist Service

We go to every length to ensure your belongings are moved quickly and carefully t and from your Melbourne proporty. From custom packaging, padding and tools to ensure no damage to your furniture or home, to planning routes to avoid bumps, traffic and anything that could hinder your move.

Passionate, Skilled and Friendly Movers

Our Melbourne removalists are some of the friendliest and most skilled movers in town. We’ve got more than a decade of moving experience, and use the skills we’ve built to make your move as seamless as possible.

Regular Updates and Communication

From the moment you book to the final boxes, you’ll get regular updates from our team about the progress of your move. You’ll get a message just before we arrive, when we start the move, and at each step along the way. Our Melbourne movers never leave you in the dark, providing updates and information when needed.


Why should I use Melbourne Mooved Logistics?
FlatRate was the first company to introduce an all-inclusive flat rate — there are no surprise costs with us: our pricing is tailored for your inventory and includes all labor and travel expenses. With a team of moving experts and top-notch technology, our fleet of trucks, exclusive app and high-quality materials set us apart from other moving companies.
Is FlatRate licensed?
We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded moving company that complies with the regulations of the New York Department of Transportation and receives storage license from the Department of Consumer Affairs. For interstate moves, we are regulated by The Interstate Commerce Commission.
What are the best days of the week to move?
Wednesdays are the best day since less people request it, followed by Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays and weekends are usually the busiest days resulting in competition for elevator access, which can cause delays. In NYC, buildings also commonly have weekend restrictions so it’s best to inquire with yours before booking a date.
How far in advance should I schedule my move?
FlatRate recommends at least three weeks in advance when moving locally. For long distance or international, we recommend four weeks.
Do you move pianos?
Yes, we are experts when it comes to moving pianos with a trained team fully taking care of the service.
Can weather affect my move?
It’s important to consider delays and traffic when it comes to inclement weather but your move WILL NOT be cancelled unless the city puts out a travel/weather warning.
What is flat rate pricing?
Instead of charging an uncertainty-filled hourly rate, our flat rate gives you a real price upfront. Our pricing is custom-made for your move and avoids any backend fees and surprise costs, including all labor and travel expenses like fuel costs, tolls and truck depreciation. FlatRate has a 99.6% price accuracy, guaranteeing that the estimate you get during your free consultation will be the final price of your move.
How much do movers cost?
Your price will be based on your inventory, the distance you are traveling and the complexity of the move. Factors such as furniture size, number of large items and level of fragility all play roles in determining your move’s cost. The estimate your Relocation Consultant gives you will be the final price as long as your inventory stays the same. In case your inventory changes, the rate will be adjusted upfront — making sure there aren’t any hidden fees.
How many hours are included in the flat rate?
How many hours are needed to relocate your inventory safely. We do not operate on an hourly pricing, offering instead an all-inclusive flat rate tailored for your move. Aware that moving can be unpredictable, FlatRate chooses to focus on efficiency rather than time constraints.
Does FlatRate include boxes and packing in the moving price?
Boxes are always included free of charge and there are certain items we will always pack for you as part of our moving package. We also offer full moving services where we can do all the packing an unpacking of your items. Our specialists are trained to pack your items efficiently so we can fully protect your dishes, pots & pans, books, fragile items, documents and photographs, TVs & electronics, lamps, small mirrors, sculptures, artwork and any glass or marble items.
Do you charge for wardrobe boxes?
We provide 2 complimentary wardrobe boxes on the day of your move. Although you will be charged for the space they take up in the truck.
Do you charge for stairs?
The first flight of stairs is free although we do charge any additional stairs according to the size of the move.
Is there tax on the move?
No, there is no tax on your move.
How accurate is the moving estimate?
FlatRate has a 99.6% price accuracy, guaranteeing that the estimate you get during your free consultation will be the final price of your move.
What are the available payment methods?
Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) cash, money order and wire transfers. We do not accept checks or Discover cards.
When will I get charged for the move?
Customers get charged 2 business days before the start of their move.
Do you offer coverage for my items?
FlatRate offers several options of loss and damage coverage for your shipment — you can add coverage using MyFlatRate app or ask your Relocation Consultant prior to your move date.
Do you shrink wrap upholstered furniture?
Yes, we also wrap it with a blanket. See how we do it here.
Should I empty out my dresser drawers?
Yes, it will make the dresser easier to move. If it’s a self-pack move, we recommend that the customer empty out the dresser prior to the move day.
Can I ship jewelry and important documents along with other items?
No. It’s best to keep jewelry, documents and other personal items with you at all times.
I want to do some packing before the movers arrive. What should I take care of?
Please pack your personal and valuable items as well as medication and other essentials (snacks, cell phone charger…) Make sure to check our list of items we always pack for you.
Will you move my plants?
If you’re moving locally, yes. For Long Distance moves, we are not allowed due to state regulations.
Are there any items you can not move?
Yes. We will not move firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants and pets.
What happens if you get a parking ticket during my move?
FlatRate will take care of it and you won’t be charged.
How will the movers know what items to take and what to leave behind?
From the initial consultation, your Relocation Specialist will make a list of your inventory with all the items that will be moved or not, tagging them accordingly.
Can the movers arrange the furniture in my new home?
Absolutely. We also offer custom floor plan services with furniture placement upon delivery.
Do the movers take time off for lunch?
If it’s an all-day job, yes. You won’t be charged for their lunch hours since FlatRate does not operate under an hourly rate.
Can I pack liquids? Should I pack food?
For Long Distance moves, food is not allowed due to state regulations. For Local Moves, food and liquids should be the last thing to be packed.
Do you call before delivery?
Yes, we will call 24 hours prior to delivery.
Can I have someone there for delivery?
Yes, you can assign someone to receive the delivery — you just need to provide us with the person’s name and contact information.
Can I choose a day within the delivery window that works best for me to receive my delivery?
You or a representative must be available to receive the items throughout the duration of the delivery window or we can guarantee a delivery date where you can select an exact day within the delivery window.
What happens if you deliver outside my delivery window?
We try our best to deliver your items within the given window. In the event the window is no longer possible, our dispatcher will contact you ahead of time.
How long does it generally take for my items to arrive?
Most of our shipments are between 7 to 14 days. With our express shuttles, we can move from NYC to Florida in 5 days and NYC to California in 10 days.


After 11 years of experience being part of the logistics industry, we decided to take matters into our own hands and simplify the decision-making process of selecting a mover. Since its founding date, we have perfected our approach and uphold our commitment to providing a friendly and unique customer experience that is tailored to you and your needs. We never stop improving and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve the suburbs of Melbourne and the greater regions of Victoria.

Get in touch with us today to learn how Mooved can help you.

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